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Cheers to Back to Normal?

WOW I think is the best word to explain the last year and a half. Yes everyone’s experience with COVID was different, but it is one that no matter who you are or where you are it affected you as well. No it is not over and is something we will all have to live with but we have moved forward together. How do we come back from this? How do we move forward? What happens from here? What is normal? I feel these are common questions that are being asked. No one has the right answers, because there are no right answers in this case. How do you move forward is your decision and what you make for your new normal.

We are grateful as a company to still be standing at the end of this pandemic, with all the support from our customers and staff members that was possible. Sorrow; is what we feel for all the businesses lost during the lockdown as well as the people. Nothing can replace that.


Before COVID started we started a new project to help bring Buzz Boxliners into the 21st Century. If you are reading this then you probably know what that project was. Our website was not the most user friendly website and with Buzz being a small local company we had fallen behind on the times. We do not rely on other branches or a warehouse to keep us a float in rough time. We rely on each other and the locals. Buzz is known for going above and beyond for our customers. We pride ourselves on our work and believe in earning the respect and trust of our customers. Buzz would like to thank Meva and her team at MTM Solutions for bringing our ideas to life and integrating the features we needed to be as up to date as we can. Our website not only gives access to online ordering but our accounts can pay outstanding invoices online and anyone can get a quote fleet or retail. The site has been designed to allow quick chats with our sales team to get an answer to your question while you are on the site. Look through our gallery for not only trucks we have done but some amazing builds we saw from other companies at SEMA.

Please take the time to look over our new website and any feedback would be great. We appreciate all of your business and continued loyalty.


The Buzz Team


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