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Camper Season is Around the Corner. Are you Ready?

Gain more turning clearance when towing with the Companion Slider from B&W Hitches. A brother to the Companion, the Companion Slider uses the same great coupler but with a slider designed to give you 12 extra inches for turning and maneuvering in short bed trucks. Like every hitch in B&W Hitches Companion series, it offers a jerk-free ride with easy hook-up and removal for a level bed all without sacrificing sturdiness, reliability, or towing power. Plus, you have the option to tow a fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch with the same system. The Companion Slider also features tight tolerances with polyurethane bushings to provide a quiet, rattle free towing experience and it can be easily removed for a clean bed. Stop in to find out more about improving your turning clearance with B&W Hitches Companion Slider.


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