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Level up with Firestone's most popular and comprehensive air spring line, Ride-Rite. Chevrolet/GMC Ride-Rite air springs work to maximize your vehicle's safe load-carrying capacity, stability, ride quality, and brake effectiveness.
How does Ride-Rite technology work? Chevrolet/GMC Ride-Rite air springs, also called Ride-Rite air bags, install between the frame and suspension. They use two convoluted air springs that can be individually tweaked to accommodate dynamic loads. Inflate or deflate your vehicle's air springs and see how they help enhance your ride by absorbing road vibrations and lessening interleaf friction. It'll feel like the road is a cushion of air.
They could help other parts of your Chevrolet/GMC last longer and perform better, too. Ride-Rite air helper springs stop leaf springs from permanent sagging under constant load and lower your chances of bottoming out by softening contact between the frame and axle.
Chevrolet/GMC Ride-Rite kits come with the pieces and parts you need for easy installation, including hardware, brackets, air springs, air line, and separate valves for manual inflation. Most customers complete their installation in under two hours. No-drill kits take half the time. Additional Chevrolet/GMC air accessories, like controls and air tanks, can be purchased separately.
Why buy Firestone air bags? Firestone released the first pneumatic suspension device in the 1930s. Since then, Firestone has risen to be one of the leading manufacturers of commercial air springs. Our air springs are precision engineered with expertise from millions of commercial vehicle miles and built from commercial-grade steel plates with rolled crimp design. Every product goes through robust, comprehensive testing to deliver results you can bank on load after load.



  • Enhances safe load-carrying capacity, stability, ride quality, and brake effectiveness
  • Most kits are No-Drill systems, easily installing in 1-2 hours
  • Everything is included for a quick, easy installation.

    • Brackets
    • Air springs
    • Hardware
    • Air line and separate valves for manual inflation, the same as you would use for inflating a tire


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Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs

SKU: 2613


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